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About Us

MK Group is one of the promising state of the art buying houses which provides Manufacturing, Merchandising and Sourcing Solution.

Since its inception in 2012, the family-owned business has expanded over several countries in different continents over the world.  Over the years we have served hundreds of clients in countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Canada, China, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and India

MK Group has now become a manufacturer as well to support itself to produce a huge quantity of products. All these factories are run by highly qualified production technicians and are equipped with the latest technology and modern machinery. Each factory, with its own specialization, are controlled by skilled local and foreign technicians.

Mission and Vision


Our vision is to become a window through which all our interacting parties can see and feel their prospect and dream about their success. MKgroup will become a lifestyle towards its employees, suppliers, buyers and above all shall become a role model of a green corporate house which will be regarded as an icon brand in the country.


MK group will be known as an entity whose main driven force is its human resources. With such a motivated, high skilled and professional workforce, MKgroup has started marching towards its glory of success which is not the profit but to enjoy the joy of life

Our Philosophy

At MK Group, we strive to grow our business with the same honesty, integrity, punctuality, and reliability as – we manufacture our products ensuring consistency and maintain the highest quality standards.

The culture of team-work, collaboration and cooperation is constantly encouraged and disseminated across the organization to achieve our common goal to ensure excellent service to our clients. Our workforce is our top priority and their welfare is our means to success as we firmly believe that satisfied and motivated employees lie at the very foundation of our prosperity.

Not only we ensure conformity of all national and international regulations but those are embedded in our culture and everyday practice.

We try our best to instill sustainability in our business practice with a view to integrate environmental welfare in all our actions.



We offer the most competitive price to our customers. Our expertise to source raw material at a very favorable price, to improve consumption and efficiency along with production and technical expertise enable us to reduce the cost to a minimum. Years of experience and Strong work ethics have ensured a strong network of credible and competent suppliers who offer sensible pricing without compromising quality.


Our target is always to ensure delivery in the given lead-time. To achieve this, we rigorously maintain action calendar for every order. We try to blend the technical knowledge of our highly qualified professional expatriate with the industry knowledge of locally groomed experts to ensure buyer’s requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner.


We never compromise with the quality of the product. Our stringent quality control implemented by seasoned and skilled quality control team results in flawless manufactured products. Our team emphasizes on ‘attention to detail’ in order to adhere to the specifications provided by the clients. Needless to say, we aim not only to meet the requirement but also to surpass the expectations of our customers.

"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer."

Our Team

Sourcing & Merchandising Department

Our team is capable of tracking every order & style diligently by implementing the Action Calendar. Through seamless communication and strong follow-up, our competent team is always determined to meet the agreed lead time and to achieve the desired quality.

Product Management Team

Our Product Management Team is dedicated to provide an array of suggestions to our buyers. Skilled expatriates, mainly from Italy and India, are employed to facilitate offering artful products to buyers according to their taste.

In-House Technical Team

Our product development and production are constantly supported by professional international technicians along with highly experienced local technicians with deep knowledge about different treatment and workmanship including garment dye, treatments, special embroideries and numerous option of printing techniques.

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Sweden office

Björkvägen 26,18494 Åkersberga

Contact: +0046762819132

Bangladesh office

House 28 (1st floor,), Road 10, Sector 4,   Uttara Dhaka

Contact: +60163580464 (WhatsApp/ imo/Call)

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